Cat Breeds

Russian Blue Russian Blue
Russian Blues are noted for its short, plush, silvery blue coat, brilliant green eyes, and semi-foreign body type with long legs and body.
Persian Persian
The Persian cat is reputed to originate from Iran (Persia), but interbreeding of Angoras with native British domestic longhairs in the 19th Century makes the true origin of the breed unclear.
Cat Colors and Patterns General Information Cat Colors and Patterns General Information
Patterns are combinations of colors in a specific layout. There are often differences between different professional cat associations regarding color definitions and terminology. Different breeds can also have different terms for similar colors.
Domestic Cat As a Basis For Breed Variations Domestic Cat As a Basis For Breed Variations
There are currently over 70 breeds of cats recognized by one cat registry or another. The number of recognized show breeds that have defined, inherited characteristics has increased dramatically since the late 1950s as cats have become more popular as home companions.
Tabby Colors and Patterns Tabby Colors and Patterns
The term tabby actually refers to the stripes, dots and swirling patterns of the cat's coat. The tabby pattern is believed to be the original basic cat pattern, and the closest to their distant ancestors.
Tabbies Tabbies
Some more about tabby patterns
Breed - Specific Tabby Breed - Specific Tabby
As well as the various permutations of tabby/silver tabby/golden tabby, spotted/silver spotted/golden spotted there are some terms specific to the modified tabby markings and specific colourways of certain breeds.
Colour and Paterns Classification Colour and Paterns Classification
Not all colours are recognised by all registries, some have different names in different breeds, registries or countries. Sometimes the same name means different things in different breeds, registries or countries.
Bengal Cat Bengal Cat
The Bengal breed originated as a human-made hybrid of the Asian leopard cat and the domestic cat.
Abyssinian Cats Abyssinian Cats
The Abyssinian has a wonderful inquisitive personality that fits well with today's lifestyle. Active and intelligent, they make engaging companions for people of all ages.

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