Cat Food and Nutrition

Safe VS Toxic Safe VS Toxic "Table Scraps" for Cats
Cats are inveterate "bums" and will beg and plead most appealingly while you try to eat.
The Role of Food in Cat's Health The Role of Food in Cat's Health
Choosing the Best Food for Your Cat.
Food For Kitten Food For Kitten
Kittens require a diet higher in protein and fat than adult cats do.
Nutrition Of Older Cats Nutrition Of Older Cats
As cats grow older, their nutritional needs usually change.
Food For Mature Cats Food For Mature Cats
Nutrition For Mature and Old Cats
Cat Water Requirement Cat Water Requirement
Water helps cats regulate body temperature, cushion the joints and internal organs, digest food, eliminate waste, lubricate tissue and allow salt and other electrolytes to pass through the body.
Cat's Nutritional Needs Cat's Nutritional Needs
A cat's diet must provide three basic elements to satisfy hunger: water, salt and calories.
Cat Digestive System Cat Digestive System
Is your cat experiencing digestive problems? A basic understanding of its digestion process may help you isolate the problem.
Cat Special Diet Cat Special Diet
Changes in diet should be made gradually over several days. Abrupt changes in diet often cause diarrhea.
Cat Food Labels Cat Food Labels
When feeding our companion cats, the most logical strategy is to feed the diet that most closely mimics the natural prey diet.

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