Cat Health

Most Common Cat Parasites Most Common Cat Parasites
Help ensure a healthy life for your cat by learning to identify and understand a variety of feline parasites and their warning signs.
Feline Health Glossary Feline Health Glossary
Knowing the issues of this glossary will help you understand your veterinary better as well as your cat's health needs.

Ear Mites in Cats Ear Mites in Cats
More than 50 percent of ear infections in cats are related to otodectes cyanotis, or "ear mites."
Cat Allergies and Atopy Cat Allergies and Atopy
When a cat is allergic to something, her body is reacting to certain molecules called 'allergens.'
Lick Dermatitis Lick Dermatitis
Causes of Scratching and Licking
Common Cat Fleas Common Cat Fleas
Cat fleas are among your kitty's smallest enemies. Kittens can get fleas too. Treatment is necessary to reduce further health hazards.
Feline Acne Feline Acne
Hygiene Best Treatment for Feline Acne!
Some General Care And Health Tips Some General Care And Health Tips
General Things To Consider While Caring For Your Pet's Health
Feline lower urinary tract disease Feline lower urinary tract disease
The terms Feline Urologic Syndrome (FUS) and Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) serve as shorthand descriptions of the well-known signs of straining, hematuria, pollakiuria, and inappropriate urination in cats.
Kidney Stones in Cats Kidney Stones in Cats
Many things can impact on your cat's health: infections, inflammation, toxins which damage the kidney, urinary obstructions, cancers and some congenital conditions such as renal cysts.

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