The Ram Cat

March 21 - April 19

The Aries Cat is loyal, proud, and confident. Aries cats are pioneers, giving them an aggressive nature. They are full of creative energy and enthusiasm which enables them to initiate change. Their drive and impatience can cause them to act before they think - making them their own worst enemy. Being movers and shakers, they often have trouble with their humans due to their inability to take orders or listen. They are highly competitive and usually enjoy both physical and mental pursuits. They seek recognition and often use aggressive force rather than diplomacy to get what they desire. The Aries Cat succeeeds at everything and refuses to admit defeat.

The Male Aries Cat is aggressive, domineering, energetic, and restless. He has a very short temper and is impulsive, imaginative, and dynamic. His human can never be sure of what he will do next. The Female Aries Cat is extremely independent, domineering, and energetic. She is playful, vibrant, and fearless in all things. She's quite athletic and can play for hours. She is a free spirit and will go after whatever she wants. She is always where the action is.

Aries is a fire and cardinal sign ruled by the planet Mars. The Aries color is red.

A real swashbuckler of a cat with a lot of energy, drive, and daring. Aries cats love being where the action is and will not back away from a fight. With a strong sense of self and a me-first attitude, they hate standing on the sidelines and will try to dominate others around them. Spontaneous and impatient, they are first at the food dish, and the toms are first in line for the queens.

The Aries Cat is adventurous and energetic, always exploring new areas. Aries cats love to dash about, check out wherever they are. Their pioneering nature leads them in new directions. Their confidence and impulsiveness sometimes gets them into precarious situations, whether it be following a mouse into a corner that's a little too tight or chasing that ball a little too fast on hardwood floors. But the Aries cat will always firmly and boldly assert himself and dive headlong into another escapade, especially if it entails jumping on top of the refrigerator.

Your Aries cat will be feisty and exuberant. Able to leap tall tables with a single bound the Aries cat is truly an independent creature. The polarity of Libra to Aries, will make this cat a likable companion but watch out for his/her claws. Aries is the sign of the powerful hunter so if you Aries puss is confined to the inside some furry play mice are a mandatory part of the landscape. Do not let this cat get away with any sass or you will be very sorry.

Aries: The Stray Cat

A temperamental and active creature, the Aries Cat is the most exasperating of the Zodiac, whose impact is formidable as he or she rushes through life, leaving a trail of demented impressions behind. This intrepid and adventurous sould s constantly busy and considers the world to be full of new horizons...all within the reach of the Aries Cat. Physically, this feline is the epitome of the species, being lithe and athletic with a superb coat and a resolute gait. Perpetually on the move...climbing, jumping and flying...he or she is determined to make the most of the proverbial nine lives. However, the Aries Cat is prone to headaches, which often strike suddenly and quickly. The cure is a rest period, but persuading this cat to take one is far from easy since the creature rarely sleeps, considering catnaps a complete waste of wonderful time. Those who own an Aries Cat sometimes have a tendency to forget that they have a pet at all. This feline will seldom be home, far preferring the freedom of the great open spaces. Indeed, the occasional empty feeding bowl may well be the most anyone will see of the Aries Cat...or perhaps a tail disappearing through the cat-flap. The high days and holidays will be the rare times when this cat chooses to remember he or she possesses an owner and decides to hang around for a moment or two...which will be quite enough. Shredded curtains, snagged clothing and upholstery, and dents in all the cushions will leave an owner with plenty of clearing up to do until the Aries Cat decides to drop by again.

The Aries Cat has no desire to spend evenings in a mutual haze of "stroke and purr" with his or her owner and a well-balanced, two-sided partnership between human and cat will never be within the range of this creature. Basically a loner, if forcibly confined to the lap of one who feels the need for company, the Aries Cat will quickly convert from a feline to a writhing bundle of needle-ridden fur. Nonetheless, this cat is capable of considerable warmth and affection, when he or she feels in the mood...probably in the middle of the night on some far away roof top. Intolerant of other pets (viewed by the Aries Cat as intruders), it would be wise for owners to keep any pet birds or goldfish under lock and key...if not, there is bound to be trouble. It is not unusual to hear the Aries Cat hissing at any other cats who may have strayed into his or her territory and this feline is frequently covered with battle scars...perhaps even a piece or two missing from the ear. In the wild, the Aries Cat would either be the leader of the pride or second-in-command to a Leo Cat. This feline needs to be treated as an equal and suffers from a badly bruised ego if spoken down to.
Natives of Leo and Sagittarius tend to be the most harmonious owners for the far-from-dull Aries Cat, being able to cope best with the battering-ram approach of this feline. Since both Leo and Sagittarius possess sufficient personality of their own, they are able to hold out against the Aries Cat, refusing to allow him or her to reduce them to subservient positions.

Aries cats are loners and sometimes you'll hardly see them for days as they would have been be eating at every house in your street except yours. Like their canine counterparts they are intolerant of other pets who they see as intruders. Keep the gold fish and budgie under lock and key or there'll be trouble. At night you'll hear your Aires cat hissing at any cats that have stayed into their territory. He's probably already covered in battle scars and may have a piece or two missing from his ear. Aries cats are certainly not dull. You'll love their exuberance and character.

This cat will always be a kitten. They feel the world revolves around them and you are there to do their bidding and bidding they will do. They are very self centered - they are the boss and that's just the way it is and will always be.
Very impetuous and impatient - their curiosity will cause them to charge about looking for adventure. If they can't find something exciting they will create their own excitement. Will fight the biggest cat in the neighborhood and not admit defeat - even if they are losing they will keep going. They have the blood of a hero in their veins and their fiery nature will make them blast off like a space ship when they are riled.

When they want something and you are not complying they will meow loud and long until you get your act together and serve up that tasty treat. If it is not the right food, they will walk away with their nose in the air as if to say - this is not for me and you'd better get the right food out here soon or else you'll hear such a hue and cry that you'll need cotton for your ears.

They will only do what they want, when they want and how they want. It is important that you understand this from the beginning so that you and your kitten can live in harmony for many years.

Never even consider trying to put a leash on this cat. It will take them a long time to get over such an indignity.

They are extremely intuitive and seem to know when it is time to go to the vet - finding them can be like the proverbial needle in the haystack, so plan ahead very carefully how to accomplish this trip.

Will usually have a special toy that no one should touch. They are not fussy about their food. As long as they get lots of attention and love, food is not important.

Even though they are very undisciplined, they are charming, funny and kittenish. Their curiosity and antics will keep you entertained throughout your lives together. They are just a baby that will never grow up, just like Peter Pan, so relax and enjoy.