The Crab Cat

June 22 - July 22

The Cancer Cat is artistic, sensitive, and stubborn. Cancer cats are rather emotional and very domestic. They have highly developed protective and defensive instincts. They are overly sensitive to and fearful of ridicule, but their crab-like shell camouflages their shyness and emotional vulnerability. They obtain security through solitude. They have a strong need for domestic stability and will do what is necessary to achieve and hold their position in the household -- as long as there is no risk involved. They possess a great deal of diplomacy and have memories that outshine all others. They like their environment to be neat and clean and are considered to be rather refined. They are masters at the art of passive resistance, making them somewhat unapproachable. The Cancer Cat is melancholy and likely to cry out loud and often.

The Male Cancer Cat is often sulking or daydreaming and can be somewhat idealistic about the role he plays. He is quite the conversationalist and will meow at every turn. He is possessive and expects a great deal from his human. He clings to memories, friends, and habits and is generally quite lucky in life. He will notice any form of change immediately - and will promptly resist it.

The Female Cancer Cat needs to be handled with tender loving care and will turn away from any human who is overly aggressive. She will sacrifice anything and everything and go all out for her humans. She wants to be pampered and praised for all the cute little acts she provides. She loves to cuddle and hug but is happiest if she thinks she's the one doing it all.

Cancer is a water and cardinal sign ruled by the planet Mercury. The Cancer color is violet.

The homebody of the cat world. Cats born under the sign of Cancer love the security of a warm hearth (or a warm bed). They are sensitive and can be somewhat shy and moody, but they will purr with pleasure at a little TLC. Queens make good mothers, and toms like to be mothered. They love the night hours, and, in their own quiet way, they are very tenacious about getting what they want.

The Cancer Cat is protective and caring. When no one is looking, Cancer cats practice arching their backs and hissing. Cancer cats are also emotional and intuitive; they know what's on their owner's mind even if they don't care. Cancer cats can be sensitive and tender, intuitively understanding all that is going on around them. Except why that thing keeps swinging back and forth on the grandfather clock.

Moody but loving the Cancer cat requires the most when it comes to goodies and treats. If you want tricks you have chosen the wrong kitty unless you have found a Cancer cat with a Gemini moon. Mood swings are not unheard of and this may be the strange cat that likes to take a bath. The center of attention at one moment and hiding in the attic the next moment. Unpredictable and fickle at one moment and just as easy to get along with as a puppy the next moment. A real home body.

Cancer: The Crazy Cat

The Cancer Cat is difficult to describe and difficult to know. This basically shy feline will be an emotional bottomless pit, alternately enveloped in happiness and despair for no apparent rhyme or reason. This cat will never be able to feel anything lightly and his or her depth of feeling will be so extreme that everyone in the immediate vicinity will be dragged into it. An adaptable and variable creature, the Cancer Cat is tenacious, unpredictable, true to his or her nocturnal nature and somewhat on the moody side. Physically, the Cancer Cat invariably has a small, pursed mouth...a sure indication of his or her Zodiac Sign. More often than not, he or she will also be unusually angular for a cat, possessing an amiable expression which conceals the inner turmoil. Motivated by the Moon, the life of the Cancer Cat will be one long chapter of accidents which eat into his or her quota of lives. Extreme stress or too much over-excitement will quickly lead to physical collapse and few Cancer Cats live to old age.

Relationship with the home is of vital importance to this feline...something an owner must never forget. Humans are simply considered to be "extra furniture" to the Cancer Cat, deemed useful only if regular meals are served and the surroundings kept warm. This feline uses the home as a place to sleep away the daylight hours. When night arrives, the Cancer Cat truly comes into his or her own...out on the prowl and singing to the neighbors when the Moon is full. Indeed, these felines do so love the sound of their own voices. The Cancer Cat is no fighter and will usually back away timidly from any confrontation...much like the infamous Cowardly Lion from the "Wizard of Oz."

In a somewhat distant type of way, the Cancer Cat can be a loving creature to anyone who is around long enough and up late enough to get to see him or her on occasion. Akin to ships that pass in the night, an owner will pick up on dim signals that indicate the Cancer Cat considers his or her human as more than just a stranger. There may possibly even be a feeling of togetherness as this cat sleeps through the day in the middle of the kitchen, but it is important not be too easily fooled. Should the necessity arise to move residence, the Cancer Cat is likely to refuse to follow...humans simply do not mean that much to this feline. Nevertheless, this cat does have the uncanny ability to melt a human heart with his or her constant desire for affection.

Natives of Pisces will be able to enjoy and appreciate the vagaries of the Moonstruck Cancer Cat. Scorpio owners are also compatible, being independent enough to recognize this trait in others...even so, any relationship with a Cancer Cat is sure to turn out more than a little one-sided. Nevertheless, this feline is instinctively gentle with children and the elderly, and responds well to tender loving care, adoring the feeling of being pampered. The Cancer Cat probably has the most excellent memory of the feline species and, if treated badly, will not soon forgive or forget.

With the moon as the ruler of Cancer it is not surprising that cats born under this sign are true to their nocturnal nature. You'll have trouble rousing them during the day but at night they're extremely active. And they love the sound of their own voice. If you hear a ginger Tom wailing in the early hours it's most probably a Cancerian. Fortunately, they're not prone to a fight and will timidly back off- the lion in Wizard of Oz is a typical Cancerian. You'll just love your Cancerian cat- she'll melt your heart with her constant need for affection.

The kitten born under this sign is subject to the moons pull just like the tides. Your cat's personality will undergo changes that might confuse you if you do not understand the moons effect on them.

They will be moody and somber, they playful and funny. Will play with a toy by themselves for hours. They love to play 'catch me'. Watch how they move is quick and clever ways, never impulsively. They will move sideways and backwards, then pounce. Do not try to take a favorite toy away as they will hang on for dear life.

Don't be misled into thinking your kitten is easy to control since they are gentle and docile. They can be very determined, getting their way in a quiet insistent way, so you never even know you have been manipulated and out-smarted. Your cat will be pliable and adaptable, however, they will still be in command when they want to be.

They love attention and praise, but are very shy and timid. A harsh tone or rough glance and they are easily wounded. When their feelings are hurt they will disappear and hide. It will take a lot of coaxing and petting to get him to join the family again. They will let you know when you are neglecting them with soft meows and loving eyes that ask, "remember me?". They are so patient that even though hungry, will sit silently in front of an empty dish waiting for dinner.

They love to be noticed so they will try to make you laugh with their antics when playing. It is very important that you lavish your kitten with love and affection if they are to be physically and emotionally healthy. Cancer kittens that are neglected or abused become suspicious and distrusting.

They are warm and sensitive to their owner, almost like a parent in their caring natures. When you are not feeling well you will find them very sympathetic and they will purr soft condolences in your ear.

They will love to sit in the windows on moonlit nights, you will think they are enchanted by the way they just sit and daydream. Most important, your cat will be loyal and devoted if you are kind and loving. Pamper their loving and gentle hearts and you will always have fun with their playful ways.