The Twins Cat

May 21 - June 21

The Gemini Cat is witty, charming, compassionate, and social. Gemini cats are intellectual and capable of thinking more than one thought simultaneously. They are vocal communicators and have a highly developed learning capacity. Their reactions to situations are ruled by the mood of the moment, creating the duality in their personality. To them, variety is the spice of life. Due to their continuous desire to spread themselves too thin, a high strung nature is usually present. Humans are attracted to their charming personalities and intelligence. They are always ready and willing to experience something new. They are prone to fickleness and demand a great deal of freedom to come and go as they please. Easily bored, they must be on the move constantly. The Gemini Cat loves toys and trinkets and usually has many of them stuffed in various places throughout the house.

The Male Gemini is always on the move. He can't stand schedules or routine in any aspect of his life. He's quite the talker and can usually capture the heart of any human that interests him through vocalization alone. He has a youthful nature and is extremely appealing. His fun loving approach to life, his passion for entertainment, and his constant search to experience anything new and different contributes to his charm. He has a great curiosity about everything and will pursue anything that interests him as long as it continues to be a challenge. He doesn't have much staying power and usually takes off to pursue new interests once he gets bored.

The Female Gemini cat is a delight. She's charming, friendly, and easy to approach -- but not always easy to read. She can swivel on a dime and her receptive side can turn abruptly to distance. She likes challenge and is forever trying to do things a different way. Change is a big part of her life pattern and is necessary to her emotional well being. She will use her feline appeal without blinking twice to get what she wants.

Gemini is an air and mutable sign ruled by the planet Mercury. The Gemini color is yellow.

A curious and playful cat who doesn't want to miss a trick. Gemini cats are alert, clever, quick-witted, and interesting in everything. Variety is the spice of their lives; they choose a little of this and a little of that - but not too much of one thing. They are great communicators and usually enjoy "talking" (or talking back) to whoever is around. Concentration is not their strong point.

The Gemini Cat is a lively cat that gets along anywhere and with most other cats. Gemini cats love to involve their owners in every aspect of their lives, which often includes sharing a recent catch from the back yard. At any age, Gemini cats are youthful and exuberant, inquisitive and a bit devilish. The Gemini cat is versatile and adaptive and absolutely loves a good romp.

Usually a Gemini cat will be a big communicator. If not yowling, it will be purring for you to pay attention. Rubbing around your legs and saying what is going on now. Then it will just turn its back on you and walk away. Look for lots of diversity for this feline finicky creature or you will have some major damage as precious baubles are turned into toys. The Gemini is a great playmate for kids and would be happiest if paired with a litter mate.

Gemini: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Gemini is the Sign of the kitten-cat...the exaggeratedly playful feline who is fickle and indecisive to the point of distraction. Blessed with the gift of eternal youth, this cat will fritter away his or her life in a muddled confusion of comings and goings...ditherings and datherings...for this is the born explorer of the cat world. The Gemini Cat is a highly intellectual creature but lacks the ability to make much sense, twittering and squawking at owners most of the time. This feline is a lively and enthusiastic cat, but possesses something of a split personality, which only serves to further complicate an already complex character. It is not often that the feline species will obey a human command, but many Gemini Cats seem to be the exception.

Being the most communicative Sign of the Zodiac, these felines appear to actually understand the human language and may even "meow" back as if in answer. Though adverse to being restrained for such basic tasks as baths and nail-clipping, the intelligent nature of the Gemini Cat will allow an owner to prevail...provided the nasty experience is supplemented with loving praise and a favored treat. Physically, the Gemini Cat will always stand out as the cat with two optical illusion which arises from the ceaselessly agile movements and restless gestures. A highly-strung, hyperactive soul, this feline will possess small features and brightly-eager eyes that are constantly on the move. The Gemini Cat is sleek and long-limbed, possessed with probably the most acute eyesight of its species. The actions of this feline will always be erratic. He or she advances in short, quick flits which stop as suddenly as they started. Then, this feline will be off at a tangent from his or her original direction. Problems often surface when this cat is expected to do something that he or she does not want to do...perhaps stay inside at night, for example. Under such circumstances, the Gemini Cat will respond by collapsing in a heap of nervous exhaustion, refusing to move and expecting to be waited on hand-and-paw until the restriction is lifted. Being exceptionally bright creatures, the Gemini Cat will soon learn how to open any cat-flap.

The Gemini Cat views the home as one glorious adventure playground created especially for his or her enjoyment. This feline will cavort endlessly, sliding down banisters and climbing up curtains, but hardly ever sits still long enough for a cuddle. It is hard to believe that just one cat could cover so much ground and create such widespread destruction in a 24-hour span as can the Gemini Cat...but he or she is only doing what comes naturally. In general, the Gemini Cat is a charmer...a true social success capable of winning over even the most fervent cat-hater. The fun-loving nature and bubbly personality of this feline makes for a thoroughly entertaining pet...provided the owner can cope with the chaos which is sure to follow in his or her wake and is prepared to provide plenty of emotional support. The ancient astrologers made Gemini the ruler of sparrows, so any owner should be prepared for this feline to drop the occasional dead offering at his or her feet.

The Gemini Cat really comes into his or her own when living with a Libra owner and the infectious happiness will be quite obvious. Though Libra is nowhere near as flippant as Gemini, these two signs will share a rather lively relationship. The second-best choice for an owner of the Gemini Cat would probably be an Aquarius native, provided water does not comes into play too often. This feline finds it easy to make friends with most animals, including dogs, and simply adores the companionship of other cats.

It's not often that cats obey a human command but Gemini cats are the exception. Being the most communicative sign of the zodiac they seem to understand what we're saying. They may meow back as if to answer us. They are also highly strung and hyper active. The Gemini cat is sleek, long limed and has good eyesight. They are exceptionally bright and will soon learn to open the cat flap for themselves. The ancient astrologers made Gemini the ruler of sparrows so don't be surprised if your moggie drops the occasional dead offering at your feet.

You will have your hands full with this kitten. They are a whirling dervish that will keep you on your toes.
Their dual personality makes it hard for them to be sure what they want to do and when they want to do it. They are very impatient and look for action - if nothing is happening they will just dash around the house like little tornadoes.
Their minds and bodies are agile and lively. They will go in three directions at once, with this kitten around don't ever be surprised when they will appear. In fact they will go from the curtains to your plate like the flying Walendas.

They do not like routines or confinement. They must live unrestricted and carefree lives, if you try to change them you will destroy their bubbling personality. Try to learn their ways and you will enjoy a life of fun and games with this sparkling little imp. Keep a basket for lots of toys - they will snoop through it till they find the one they want and play with if for awhile and go back for another. Eventually all the toys will be everywhere - in the house and yard.

They are not big eaters. Make sure they get plenty of rest - they have a tendency to keep going. They do not tend to wander from home or prowl at night. Do not show a bad temper or tend to fight.

Their love and affection for you will be quick but touching - they will stop in mid play to run to you and give you a rub or little kiss, then off again to the challenges of the world. They are very emotional with language of purrs and meows. They are the most talkative of the cats. They will seem to enjoy carrying on a conversation with you.

They are very prissy about their appearance and groom themselves continuously. They are also very fussy about the things around them being clean. Their litter box must always be fresh and clean - their bed and bedding soft and clean. In fact, they prefer the whole house to be tidy.

Sudden loud noises will startle them sending them into a frenzy of dashing about looking for what happened to disturb them. Because of their impulsiveness they will accidentally end up with cuts and bruises - so keep a sharp eye on them. The term that best suits this kitten is pixilated - you will never get bored.