The Lion Cat

July 23 - August 22

The Leo Cat is intelligent, proud, loving, and loyal. Leo cats believe themselves to be royalty. They are dignified, dramatic, bold, and colorful. They are very attracted to and extremely possessive of their humans. They display their personality traits loud and clear and like to be the center of attention. They work hard at fun and games, and will delegate any and all rules with authority. They hate it when their thunder is stolen - it's an unforgivable act that they can't forget. They are quite independent, overly confident, and very vocal in all aspects. They hate repetition, love to dominate, and possess a reckless courage when trying to get something they want. These cats have such an impressive way that a human rarely, if ever, fails to notice them. The Leo Cat is pure glitz and is the king (or queen) of the castle.

The Male Leo Cat is extremely attractive and easily noticed. He usually gets a lot of attention. He is a showman -- flashy and flamboyant. He can be careless at times but is a master at covering up any wrong move. He is generous, outgoing, and loves the best of everything. He must not be outshined by anyone or anything in any manner. He has a very high opinion of himself and believes that everyone else does too.

The Female Leo Cat has a need to be admired. She is extremely demanding when it comes to affection. It isn't so much that she wants to be loved on, but she does want to be worshiped and adorned with all the nice things in life. She tends to get lazy as she becomes comfortable with her environment. Although she is dignified, she can be domineering. She is vain, yet generous. She will be faithful as long as her human lavishes her with the affection and attention she knows she is worthy of.

Leo is a fire and fixed sign ruled by the Sun. The Leo color is orange.

Truly "the cat who would be king." The Leo cat is proud, regal, and dramatic. Leos like center stage and usually get it. They love flattery and having a fuss made over them. Their vanity, however, will not tolerate belittling, and if you ever make fun of them, they might just go off to seek an appreciative audience elsewhere. But given their royal "due," they will be the happiest and most loving of cats--and lord it over you with the greatest aplomb.

The Leo Cat is powerful and faithful. They are enthusiastic, full of energy and come when they're called, which makes them the topic of gossip among other cats. Leo cats head pell mell into everything they do. From chasing shadows and dust bunnies to batting around squeak toys, these are active dynamic cats. Leo cats are convinced they are the masters of all they survey, the Leo, after all is a member of the family. Above all, Leo cats are faithful and loyal to their owners, except when a little catnip is at issue.

The sign Leo rules cats and a feline born under this sign is a true royal ruler of the house. These cats can make great house protectors and will bask in love and attention. A Leo cat will require the best in food and toys and don't try to throw in some old toy left over from a previous pet. It will not work. A diamond studded collar will make this cat happy though it might settle for rhinestones. Don't try to boss this cat or you may have a real temper tantrum on your hands. A monumentally great hunter when given the opportunity. If more than one cat in the family, this Leo feline will not be happy if not given the position as top cat.

Leo: The Top Cat

The Leo Cat is a pretentious cat...one who is domineering and ostentatious, pumped-up with such an overwhelming opinion of superiority as to believe himself or herself ruler of all that is surveyed. Known to be a gregarious, extrovert and lucky character (nine lives are only the beginning for the Leo Cat), this feline is convinced that he or she possesses high intelligence and feels every ounce of suffering because it is necessary to live among fools. Occasionally the Leo Cat will relax...chase his or her tail...bite his or her toes...but most of the time, this cat will remain composed, as befits a true monarch of the realm.

Physically, the Leo Cat will have such a commanding presence and stately bearing that it will be hard to believe that this feline does not spend a great deal of time with a book on his or her head...but these characteristics will be inborn, along with a symmetrical body, well-proportioned limbs and the grace of a ballerina. The Leo Cat often fares well in the show ring, frequently blessed with long hair and exceptionally beautiful features...particularly the Persian varieties. This cat is usually a healthy and well-adjusted creature. However, perfection is rare...even in the Leo Cat...and the flaw associated with this feline will be a weak back. Excessive climbing about on rooftops will prove to be a constant risk and it would be better for any owner to allow this cat exit through an open door rather than leaving him or her to manoeuvre through a cat-flap.

To a Leo Cat, home is his or her castle...the place where minions are entertained and advisors are consulted. Home is where this feline performs to large audiences and even hosts state banquets...all at the expense of his or her owner and, usually, inconvenience. A houseful of other people's cats can be somewhat distressing (to say nothing of the smell). There is little an owner can do to discourage this habit...short of wiring shut the windows, fitting bolts to all the doors and serving only the plainest of food. A born entertainer, the Leo Cat will charm company, wrapping around a favored person's leg before leaping into his or her arms without warning. Provided an owner can keep up his or her end and show that the pretence of this feline may be penetrated to reveal the cuddly inner-cat then, as a friend, there will be none better than the Leo Cat. This cat is intensely loyal (in his or her own way) and equally as faithful as he or she is self-opinionated. In fact, as cats go, this feline can be quite a friendly soul. However, being inherently jealous by nature, the Leo Cat does not care to be in a houseful of other animals who will doubtless compete for attention. Although a confident creature, this cat is proud and easily embarassed, with surprisingly fragile feelings.

The Leo Cat is usually happiest with an Aries native, since Aries is sufficiently quick-witted to remain one step ahead of this feline. A Sagittarius native is another good choice for reasonable contentment. Sagittarius is able to enjoy the lighter moments with the Leo Cat and not be overly-bothered by the weight of it all. It is not unusual for the wealthy to instinctively choose a Leo Cat and such pampered pets bask happily in the high-quality collars and sumptuously-pillowed baskets that come with having a rich owner.

Cats born under their natural feline sign of Leo are the most fortunate of creatures. They will experience good health and be extremely lucky- nine lives are just the start. They will be born into affluent homes. Most Leo cats will have long hair but the naturally long haired varieties, such as Persians, will be exceptionally beautiful- even show cats. Pampered Leos are likely to attract wealth so for them quality collars and baskets are the norm. They are extrovert and gregarious yet your Leo cat is not arrogant- she's loyal, steadfast and true.

Your Leo the lion is royalty from the day they are born. They begin surveying their empire as soon as they open their eyes. They are proud with a sunny playfulness. They seem to rule the family. They are energetic and love everyone. They walk with an air of royalty and seem to be telling everyone how important they are.

They enter a room regally, imparting the sense they are beautiful, splendid and magnificent. They walk with a proud grace and authority. You will always feel you are in the presence of a super intelligent cat.

They will not be ignore, you better not! They will let you know with flashing eyes and lashing tail and a roar that sounds direct from the jungle. If that doesn't get your attention, sparks will seem to fly from their fur.

They will prance and seem to smile when they are happy. They will let you know in no uncertain terms when things don't suit them. You will sometimes get the feeling they are looking down on you - as if they are the master. Even when they lounge around they look regal. They are born to be rulers. They must be loved more than anything or anyone else in the world. They crave attention and admiration almost as much as affection. When they are praised and petted they will purr like a roaring river.

They will seem to actually throw temper tantrums, however, this will be very brief and soon they will be looking to you for attention and approval. They will expect you to know when they are hungry and serve their food to them wherever they are holding court. Serve their food on the best china and be sure their bedding is of the finest and softest materials you can find. They prefer food served in a fancy dish or on people plates.

They love to be the center of attention. They will not run and hide when you have company, but will become the star to your admiring friends. If you cat is ignored or unloved they can become moody and snarl and hiss because you are tampering with their self-confidence. Royalty must be pampered and cuddled to be happy and satisfied. Pick them up several times a day and tell them they are the most beautiful and lovable pet in the world.

Very seldom will you see them run, that is not in tune with their stately and proper natures. Likes bright airy places - will enjoy sitting on a perch, like a king, watching the world go by. Will love it if someone passing by remarks how beautiful they are.