The Scales Cat

September 23 - October 23

The Libra Cat is charming, attractive, and has discriminating taste. Libra cats are righteous and sophisticated. They are cooperative, fair, indecisive, and intuitive. They like to play with others rather than alone as long as those involved play at least as hard as they do. They actively seek out new things. They rarely express anger, but look out when they do. They don't hold a grudge but an upset might make them ill. They give of themselves but generally get back more in return. They tend to use moderation in all aspects of life. They always stand out due to their perfect grooming. They are extremely conscientious about their appearance. The Libra Cat will act purrfectly in any situation.

The Male Libra Cat makes bedtime a wild experience. He is determined to get his human to play, even if it takes all night. He loves beauty in all aspects of his life and is quite charming and intelligent. He responds wholeheartedly to flattery and praise. He is an expert at luring his prey; but when it comes to taking action, his indecisiveness often takes over. He starts to weigh the pros and cons. If he has any doubts at all, he will just play with his victim.

The Female Libra Cat is noted for her grace, refinement, and beauty. She is meticulous in manners and grooming and adds a touch of elegance to all that surrounds her. Her goal is to be the most admired cat around. If one is willing to boost her ego on a continuing basis and give her pretty toys now and again, she will shower her human with all her love and affection.

Libra is an air and cardinal sign ruled by the planet Venus. The Libra color is indigo.

Unhappy alone, a good friend to all. Cats born in Libra need interaction with others--felines, humans, or even Fido. Usually very beautiful, they have a refined nature and a love of peace and harmony. Too much discord and loud noise can mean nervousness and misery for them. Libra cats often have trouble making up their minds, like whether or not to go out while you stand there with the door open. But they are so charming and attractive that most humans are happy to be a part of their lives.

The Libra Cat is easy going and sociable. Libra cats are relaxed in any situation, except maybe those that involve rambunctious children. They love when their owners entertain, often rubbing the legs of the guests for that added touch of hospitality. Libra cats also mingle with the other cats in the neighborhood, and they accept whatever comes their way with a smile and a soft purr. They don't get worked up over anything, except for really appetizing cat food commercials.

The Libra Cat will demand love and attention. Brush her/his hair. Clip his/her nails. Even a bath might be demanded as this cat knows it is beautiful and expects the person in his/her world to make sure that beauty is appreciated. Sensuous this is a cat that will adore a velvet pillow and needs a scratching post to keep nails looking good. Don't forget to tell him/her that it is beautiful or you may see some sulking around the house. Libra cats do not do well left at home alone so it might be good to consider a companion animal.

Libra: The Copy-Cat

From the very start, the cute little Libra kitten will be so unsure of what is expected, that he or she will model a lifestyle on that of the owner, copying mannerisms and patterns of behavior, which can be somewhat disarming. Such studious dedication will be daunting in one so young, as this tiny feline devotes hours to careful observations and practice. Most owners soon become accustomed to watching tiny, four-legged images of themselves walk around, but a few never come to terms with the idea. The Libra Cat is a fair creature and will expect to be treated as well by his or her owner as that owner treats himself or herself. Completely indecisive, this feline will never know whether he or she wants to come in...or go out. In short, the Libra Cat is fidgety, often moving from an owner's lap, to the radiator and then to the sofa in an effort to find the most comfortable spot. It has been said that this feline a "love dimple under the chin, a lovely mouth and a right merry countenance." In comfortable surroundings, the Libra Cat will project an atmosphere of well-being which is pleasant to be around.

"Lazy Libra" has also been said of this cat, which is not totally unfounded since some of them are far too indolent...lying about all day thinking about things and then sleeping it off. Such listless behavior can lead to weight problems which may be very difficult to rectify. A cat who is so fat that no legs are visible is not much fun and will not be particularly happy or healthy. To make matters worse, this cat has a healthy appetite and not adverse to eating just about anything which is put into his or her bowl. However, if the owner is caring and sensible, drastic weight gain can be avoided and the Libra Cat can remain as hale and sylphlike as any of his or her feline cousins. Destiny dictates that the pretty Libra Cat will invariably blend-in with his or her surroundings. Therefore, an owner should not be surprised if his or her tabby Libra Cat appears to match the carpet.

With a Libra Cat in an owner's lap (this feline's most stategic vantage point), there will be little or nothing an owner can get away with and privacy will be a thing of the past. This cat wants to be close to his or her owner all day, every day...watching, learning, thinking and copying. It is only in this fashion that the Libra Cat can achieve personal literally basing himself or herself on somebody else. If the Libra Cat is denied this...if the owner is an active, doing type of person, for example...then this feline will be a sad and sorrowful cat...a cat without purpose who constantly wonders what it is all about. Nevertheless, in exchange for the tedious habit of constantly plaguing his or her owner for affection, the Libra Cat will be a truly loving and devoted feline. An inherent urge for unity with others will make it natural for this cat to create an atmosphere of harmonious relationships with home companions...and of dire importance to this feline is to be among people who are sympathetically inclined. The Libra Cat so cherishes the family, that he or she may pace and cry at the door if left alone. With a tendency to adjust to the owner's schedule, this cat will expect his or her owner to arrive home at the same time each evening. Thus, it is necessary for those who choose a Libra Cat as a pet to be aware of the creature's sensitive nature and make every effort to not cause unnecessary worry. This feline truly possesses a heart of gold and will turn even a non-cat person into an istant ally...although there is no doubt that the Libra Cat can be a little pushy with guests at times.

Natives of Aquarius and Pisces usually enjoy owning a Libra Cat. Living with one of these two human Zodiac Signs...preferably in a country setting...will be gratifyingly dependent for the Libra Cat. The most dangerous owner for this feline is one governed by Aries native is sure to sap what little confidence the Libra Cat might be able to muster, leaving the creature a mere shadow of what he or she might have been.

Libran cats are completely indecisive. They won't know whether they want to come in or go out, they'll be finicky about their food and will move from your lap to the radiator to the sofa trying to find the most comfortable spot. For the Libran cat nothing is ever good enough or can live up to their unrealistic expectations. She is also ruled by the planet Venus so don't be alarmed if she's sometimes appears listless for she's probably in love. Destiny dictates that pretty Libran cats will always blend in with their surroundings. Your tabby Libran cat may even match your carpet!
Under the influence of Venus with the scales of perfect justice as the symbol of their sun sign, your cat is not only emotional but changeable in their moods. Their personality traits are a mixture that makes for a complex package that is hard to keep in balance. Libra kittens come in all colors, sizes and breeds, but they all have a winsomeness and charisma. You will want to hug them, however, when the scales tip, you might feel like choking them when they are being contrary.

They are very inconsistent - one minute restless and active - the next calm and lazy. Will obey like an angel - then become stubborn as a mule. Sometimes you will feel at a complete loss on how to cope with them.

The two sides to their personalities are so distinct that you will wonder if they are quite all there. When they play and cavort they become so enthusiastic that they will keep it up until they are completely exhausted and collapse.

Sometimes you will think they have become a statute in the window, doing absolutely nothing. Usually when they are still like this, they are trying to make a decision. Should I take a nape or chase a butterfly? Decisions are very difficult for them, you will find it better not to offer more than one food at a time or more than one toy at a time, as they will become confused.

They like freedom so need plenty of room inside and a way to play outside. They need a stable and serene environment. Everything should be in its proper place, such as water dish, bedding and food dish. This will help keep their scales balanced. They do not like loud noises, harsh voices or blaring music. If you plan a party, find them a place to be away from the crowd and noise, they will really be much happier and content.

It is very important that you understand allowing them to make any decisions in their own time. You will upset their equilibrium if you try to force them to do something when they are not ready. It is hard enough for them to cope with their tilting scales without your nudging. They seem to have trouble deciding which toy to play with or which food to eat, it can be amusing to watch as they seem to study the problem. Although they are very indecisive, once they make up their minds about something, there is no stopping them.

They are very loving and sensitive to your moods. If you are sick or upset you can see them asking in their eyes, "what can I do to help?". Always remember keep everything calm and stable and they will respond with a balance nature, you are their anchor.