The Hunter Cat

November 23 - December 21

The Sagittarius Cat is exciting, optimistic, cheerful, and generous. Sagittarius cats are straightforward, energetic, and outgoing. They love adventure and travel. They tend to be quite independent but can also be charming, agreeable, easy going, and fun loving. The Sagittarius Cat takes risks that other cats wouldn't dare to take but is lucky and always lands on those strong cat feet.

The Male Sagittarius Cat loves his humans but finds it difficult to be happy. He's not fond of close involvement whether with humans or other cats. He needs to feel like he's free and hates to be confined at any time for any reason. His human needs to have a good sense of humor because this cat can become depressed easily around too much seriousness. He has an insatiable curiosity and wants to experience everything.

The Female Sagittarius Cat is impulsive and has an easy-going approach to life. She has the innate ability to remain on friendly terms with all cats and humans. She rarely gets upset when anything changes. She is extremely good-natured but can also bewilder her human. She loves freedom and must be allowed to roam the entire premises. She won't be happy if she's forced to stay in one area of the residence. If she feels too restricted, she just might try to run away from home.

Sagittarius is a fire and mutable sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. The Sagittarius color is light blue.

A live wire with a yen adventure. Sagittarius cats are always ready to explore what's just around the corner or go out to conquer a new world. Very athletic, they will delight you with acrobatic feats and yowl loudly if their needs for exercise and activity are not met. Yet as they get older, they will develop a philosophical bent and prefer to sit on the front porch and contemplate where they have been and what they have done.

The Sagittarius Cat is carefree and loves his freedom. Open spaces and open doors are irresistible invitations to wander and explore. Sagittarius cats are happy, especially when they are outside. It's nice if their owners come out to play, but if not, there are plenty of activities and adventures to keep the Sagittarius cat busy and happy for hours. They also have boundless energy and are happiest when they out in the open. Of course, being inside getting a special cat treat also ranks pretty high on the list as well.

This is a roaming fool in the cat world. The Sagittarius cat will have the most trouble of all the signs settling down and just staying in the house. The only sign that would be more difficult is your Aries Cat. The need for variety and spice of life is monumental for this cat. A Sagittarius cat makes a great familiar for working rituals (so does a Scorpio Cat) and could help you really achieve some magic in your life. If you like to travel, consider if there is a way you can take this cat with you. Training to a leash if you live in the city is an excellent idea as a walk is just up this cat's alley.

Sagittarius: The Stable Cat

The Sagittarius Cat will be a cat of long voyages, dreams and visions, possessing the speed and power of a horse coupled with the limited brain and wisdom of a cat. Something of a split personality, this feline is driven by two forces which can combine to produce amazing behavior. Subject to serendipity, this cat is often in the wrong place at the right time. The feline stuck up a tree is likely a Sagittarius Cat. A totally positive, energetic, cheerful and optimistic soul, this cat will be a joy to have around...particularly if the owner also keeps horses. This feline needs freedom and a flexible lifestyle with plenty of challenge. It is important that an owner never try to confine or restrict the Sagittarius Cat for this feline will know exactly how to retaliate with disastrous results.

The Sagittarius Cat believes that he or she resembles a horse. The sharply-pointed ears and snub nose belie this illusion, although the hair or whiskers may well be long like the mane of a horse. Broad shoulders lend this feline a thick-set appearance from the front, while from the rear; he or she looks more like the stalk-end of a pear. The Sagittarius Cat is unable to sit still for longer than a minute or two and walks with the stride of a drill sergeant. Most of the time this feline is almost disgustingly healthy, but is prone to hip dysplasia... a painful complaint that should be dealt with as soon as it is suspected. This cat is driven by such a primitive urge for self-protection beyond the immediate environment that it is not unusual to hardly ever see him or her. The garden next door will always prove to be more exciting and the Sagittarius Cat will launch from one frantic activity into the next glorious much so that often the only sign of this feline may well be a glimpse of fur disappearing into the distance. This cat will never be a very noticeable addition to the family...acting more as a passing guest who drops in occasionally and then drops out again almost before he or she has had time for a meal.

The Sagittarius Cat can be a truly sincere cat, capable of bestowing a considerable amount of affection...when he or she is actually present to do so. However, this feline be a mixture of fact and fantasy, unable to tell the difference between the two. He or she may be a cat today and a horse tomorrow...or even a dog the day after that. It will be the responsibility of the owner to sort out this confusion since the Sagittarius Cat will be even more befuddled than his or her human. It can help if there are other animals in the household, as this provides practical stimulation for the Sagittarius Cat, who is fond of feline companionship and delighted to allow another cat (or even more than one) to share home and family. Still, the true love of this feline's life will always be horses.

The Sagittarius Cat will spend countless happy hours playing "shipwreck" on the beams of the stable...revelling in the frantic behavior of the panicked animals below. The Sagittarius Cat likes affection, but hates to be smothered. He or she will be a popular, if aloof, feline who frequently refuses to mix with the "common" type of cat found in the wrong neighborhood. This feline holds his or her tail high in the face of evil and finds good in almost every aspect of life. Although cats are born hunters, the Sagittarius Cat will innocently watch a bird or mouse go on about its business and never once attempt to pounce. Since the Sagittarius Cat loves to chew...often on things that are dangerous, such as plastic bags, electrical wires, yarn, plants, and the is vital that the environment be kept safe.

The ideal owner for a Sagittarius Cat is one who is also a native of Sagittarius, since neither will be around enough to realize that the other is not there. Aries subjects also get on well with this cat, since the heated arguments and temper tantrums will inspire them both. A Leo native, with his or her inherent open outlook and tolerance, also makes for a good owner and is likely to experience some true enjoyment from the personality of the Sagittarius Cat.

All Sagitarian cats are subject to serendipity which often causes them to be in the wrong place at the right time. Often at meal times they just don't turn up or if there's a cat stuck up a tree it's likely to be a Sagitarian. They like affection but hate it if you smother them. They'll just turn and move away. Your Sagitarian cat cherishes her freedom. She is very popular and sometimes aloof as if she refuses to mix with the common sort of cat from the wrong neighbourhood. Her hair or whiskers may be long like the main of a horse and she is mostly active and energetic.

They will be a kitten all their lives, they are a happy little clown, bubbling with joy and happiness. Everyone will love this happy go lucky kitten. Naturally friendly - will greet strangers like long lost friends. They even seem to smile at you.
They like and trust everybody, will expect love and affection from you and all your friends. Keep his bed where there is always some activity as they will sleep in the middle of music and fun. Cannot stand being shut away by themselves. Need people around - no toys - just people. If ignored when they greet you will hang their heads in sorrow.

Desperately need to be loved. You are their sun, moon and stars. Their happy go lucky nature will endear them to everyone. You are everything in their world, without your love and attention they will become sad and dejected, sometimes they will just sit in a corner staring at the wall.

They are not particularly graceful, but their funny clumsy antics will keep you laughing. Even when they miss a jump and land in the wrong place, they will just pick themselves up and try again with a happy spirit. They have an insatiable curiosity to check out every sack, carton or package in the house. They can spend hours investigating new things.

They must have the freedom to roam outside or they can become neurotic. If they must be inside a porch with lots of plants will be a help. They feel home is for food and sleep. They do not need a set routine, are happy and content with a casual lifestyle. A messy home will not bother them.

They are somewhat awkward and tend to knock things over in their pursuit of fun. Try to keep them away from any good vases or statues because they are not agile. They will get something on their minds and move from point A to point B not really noticing what's in between. Accidents occur through their reckless behavior, causing cuts and bruises.

On your saddest day they will cheer you up and make you smile. Sometimes you will feel they are not too bright - they are - it's just their hasty movements that get them in trouble.