The Bull Cat

April 20 - May 20

The Taurus Cat is talented, loving, generous, and trusting. Taurus cats have great determination and will power, always striving to acquire both emotional and material security. They also have their own methods of doing things in an efficient and practical manner - which often results in success. They have a kind and sensible nature. They are well-liked, accommodating cats who are not easily angered. They are extremely loyal but display a possessive streak where affections are concerned. They hate to be rushed and will become stubborn if pushed. They aren't likely to change their mind once it's made up. The Taurus Cat seems to like to listen to good music and usually possesses a rather melodious voice which is used often.

The Male Taurus Cat loves physical activity, comfort, and demands quality in all aspects of his life. He wants to be treated well, and will treat his human well in return. He is strong willed, possessive, and intensely emotional. His human shouldn't try to boss him around because there's no way to get him to do anything he doesn't want to do anyway. The Female Taurus Cat is instinctive and knowledgeable. She loves beautiful objects and adornments and will welcome any and all gifts with open paws. She always knows exactly what she wants and will become quite stubborn if she doesn't get it. As long as her human stays on her good side and treats her with tender loving care, she will be affectionate and sweet. She's eager to learn about life and will win your heart right away. She wants a human who is sincere and appreciative of her abilities. If her chosen human lives up to her standards, she will always be a loyal and loving companion.

Taurus is an earth and fixed sign ruled by the planet Venus. The Taurus colors are blue and pink.

A cat who loves the good things in life--a soft cushion, a special place of its own, and gourmet dinners. Laid-back, adagio, and very sensual, Taurus cats choose food, stroking, and massage. So much "good stuff," however, could lead to, well, pudge. Taurus cats are possessive of the things they love, and they can be stubborn. Once habits are acquired, they're hard to break, so train these cats early.  

The Taurus Cat is loving and cuddly. Taurus cats need their owner's laps and will put up with almost anything just to sit in them. They also love to lay in front of a fire or curled on a blanket. The Taurus cat relishes time with his owner, but will ignore the owner from time to time just to keep a little mystery. Taurus cats are quiet and peaceful and are most comfortable when all is well and secure in their world, especially if there's a scratching post, or sofa, nearby.

The Taurus cat can lay in the sun all the day and just luxuriate. While a good hunter, this Taurus feline will create some major tactics to get you to do the providing. Loving to be touched and loved, the Taurus cat demands your attention and will sit on your lap for hours expecting you to be a truly loving provider. Compliments are very important to the Taurus cat and so is a very expensive and elegant collar.

Taurus: The Earth Mother

The Taurus Cat is totally unflappable...most of the time. This feline is impossible to shock and well able to hold his or her own in the face of danger...usually due to the fact that he or she is far too idle to get up and move out of the way. This cat's sraightforward approach to life will be easy to understand. The Taurus Cat is steady and dependable...always where the owner expects this cat to be and doing what is expected of him or her. In short, the Taurus Cat is a creature of habit and routine who will never...ever...do anything unpredictable and to whom catnaps are the breath of life. Physically, the Taurus Cat will be a large specimen...the kind of feline whose size is often a conversation piece and one remarked upon by all. He or she will also possess big, beautiful eyes and an equally huge appetite, which results in the health problem eventually experienced by most Taurus Cats...obesity.

Food can prove to be the downfall of this feline, even if the owner is extremely careful and strict with diet. Lack of sustenance may be the only thing that will motivate the Taurus Cat to get up, go out and complain to the neighbors about the cruelty of his or her owner. This feline will also be adept at fooling everyone who enters the kitchen into thinking that nobody has remembered to feed him or her. When the Taurus Cat is awake, he or she is an amiable companion, well aware of which hand does the feeding...and determined to ensure that whoever owns that hand continues to be so generous. If it were not for the fact that this feline will spend most of his or her life dead to the world (rather like an inconveniently-placed ball of fur), the Taurus Cat would be the almost perfect cat. Laid-back, calm, tolerant and near impossible to ruffle, this feline could be described by some as boring and dogmatic. On the other hand, some believe that being around a Taurus Cat can lower blood pressure, cure migraines and add years to the life of an owner.

It will be necessary to vacuum around, dust around and step over this feline. The Taurus Cat sleeps most of time and during slumber, nothing will awaken him or her. This cat rarely allows paws or torso to lose contact with a solid surface...partly because he or she will be too heavy to move very far, but more so through a genuine need to be in constant touch with the ground. The Taurus Cat has an innate affinity with the earth and will spend hours studying wild life, lying in the sun and not moving a muscle. It is foolish to expect this cat to become a "mouser" who will actually help out around the house by keeping down the number of unwanted intruders. To this feline, such an activity would be far too much like hard work. The female Taurus Cat truly comes into her own when she is allowed to breed...a life surrounded by kittens is her idea of bliss.

Natives of many signs are appreciative of the more elusive yet finer points of the Taurus Cat...most notably Capricorn, Cancer and Virgo. Owners governed by any of these three Zodiac Signs will find the Taurus Cat to be ideal and have little problem in curbing the desire to hurry or chivvy this feline along. Since this cat tends to radiate peace and contentment, the Taurus Cat is a perfect companion for seniors and individuals troubled by illness or bouts of depression. In short, the Taurus Cat thrives in an atmosphere which is familiar and built upon routine.

Many Taurean cats have big beautiful eyes- a gift from their ruling planet Venus. When young they could easily win at cat shows- particularly if your Taurean cat is a blue eyed Siamese. But forget it when they get older- by then they'll look more like an overstuffed cushion covered with hair. And for heavens sake never, never feed a special treat such as fresh fish to a Taurean cat. If you do they'll refuse to eat anything else and you'll be forever out of pocket. The Venus ruled Taurean feline takes a sensuous delight in luxury and will be forever on your lap wanting continual pampering.
They are steady, practical and dependable, however, they can be persistent and stubborn. The kittens seem to be born mature and well behaved - making them less frisky and far more sensible than other kittens. Their nature is very stable, as long as everything is going their way - let something occur to upset them and the snit they will throw will make you think World War III just started. Their flashing eyes and lashing tail will be enough to make you go for cover. Their temper is quick to rise and just as quick to end.

Do not teach them a habit you do not want them to keep, for once they learn they will not change easily. They are loving, affectionate and amiable, but not very demonstrative. Always remember to not push too hard or too often to do something they do not want to do - gently coax them.

Do not like to be yelled at, will ignore you or stare with a look that says - are you really acting so silly or what? They will make it seem it is your fault that you yelled at them. You never should have expected them to do what you wanted anyway. If you yell at them you make them more stubborn.

Loves comfort and coziness, loves sleeping in his own basket, snuggling in a silky coverlet, will actually get under the blankets when it is cold. Will not roam far from home. They are very much the homebody and do not like to travel. They prefer to sit on the porch and watch other animals and birds entertain them. Never seem tempted to join in - just will enjoy the show. Loves luxury too much to romp and play.

They love all food - don't care what it is as long as they stay full and comfy. You must control their diet. Make sure they get regular exercise - as they are content to just relax and occasionally play with a toy. They need quiet steady love and will sulk if they do not receive enough attention.

If they are forced to live with noise and confusion, they will be very nervous and irritable - will run and hide. They will forgive you with just a few soothing words and a nice bowl of tuna treat.

If you are feeling ill, they will seem to know immediately and will be your very loving and caring nurse. They do not like being left alone for long periods and will look so woebegone you will hate to leave them, but remember it is not just you they will miss - it is the routine and services you perform that they will miss the most. When you return, they will forgive you immediately.