The Virgin Cat

August 23 - September 22

The Virgo Cat is gentle, loyal, innocent, and shy. Virgo cats analyze and organize everything, pay attention to detail, and always want things to be done purrfectly. They love to play but also have a tendency to worry and fret. They are fond of good food and comfort. They seem to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time. Their manual dexterity and general co-ordination is well above average. They thrive in a well run home. Their emotional attitude is kind but can seem cool at times because they are afraid of making a mistake. Being fussy and prim, they want every hair in place and are always neat, clean, and constantly grooming. It would be wise for this cat's human to keep a good supply of hairball remedy on hand. The Virgo Cat lives by the motto, "A place for everything and everything in its place."

The Male Virgo Cat has great curiosity. He feels that nothing should be overlooked, providing he has the time and the desire. He doesn't like to waste anything. He wants his home to be a clean place of comfort. He is secure, reliable, and faithful.

The Female Virgo Cat is very attractive. She's a good companion but can be superficial at times. She wants everything to be squeaky clean. Her standards are quite high, and it usually takes her a while to find a human that she feels is worthy of her. She's an excellent housekeeper -- never misses the litterbox and is always covering up after the cats who don't cover up for themselves.

Virgo is an earth and mutable sign ruled by the planet Mercury. The Virgo colors are gray and navy blue.

A very intelligent and discriminating aristocrat. Virgo cats demand only the best and look down upon anything or anyone who is less than perfect. No dirty litter boxes or day-old food for these connoisseurs--they keep themselves neat and clean and expect their environments to be kept the same way. Virgos have a sense of what seems "right" and can become nervous if things are not "just so." If you win the approval of this cat, you've been bestowed the greatest of compliments.

The Virgo Cat is modest and demure. While the Virgo cat knows he's attractive and handsome, he's reluctant to show off. He knows those frequent baths pay off. The Virgo cat is also reliable and diligent, able to stare at a vent for hours without moving a muscle and then dash off without waiting for a single word of praise. Of course, the Virgo cat overcomes his natural shyness the minute there's a mention of salmon treats.

The Virgo cat is finicky and extra clean and expects everything in the home to be the same way. This cat will not tolerate a dirty litter box and may just report you to the humane society if you don't keep him or her in an acceptable environment. Extremely loving, the Virgo Kitty will know when you are ill and might even try to snuggle up to the part of you that is hurting. Keep a special space for this kitty as Virgo likes to know that there is always a safe place to hide away when things get to out of control.

Virgo: The Kitchen Cat

The Virgo Cat is the near-perfect domestic cat. Governed by the most malleable of all Zodiac Signs, this will be the creature closest to the ideal feline pet. Thorough and conscientious in everything this cat sets his or her mind to, the Virgo Cat is a joy to have around...except when he or she is being critical. However, laziness annoys this feline more than anything and any owner who is not up with the birds, preparing breakfast for the Virgo Cat, will be left in no doubt as to what this feline thinks of such slovenly behavior. Physically, the Virgo Cat possesses an intelligent yet critical expression which can create a dismal appearance. From behind and in profile, this will be a handsome cat and to those who can ignore the disdainful sniffs and raised eyebrows, this feline can be attractive. With a wiry body and strong, muscular build, this cat is athletic and agile. Most of the time, the Virgo Cat will worry his or her owner to death from continually trying to do too much. Indeed, this is not a totally unfounded fear since, every now and again, the Virgo Cat will suddenly collapse upon the carpet, apparently breathing his or her last. Fortunately, this turn of events does not last long and the Virgo Cat is soon back in action. This feline is also a victim to allergies in many instances and the tender skin of the Virgo Cat often reacts adversely to flea powder.

To have a feline ruled by Virgo as a family member is something like having a little guilty conscience who will continually remind his or her owners of where they are going wrong. The Virgo Cat is fussy...particularly when it concerns food...and when the supper bowl is placed upon the floor, this feline's expression seems to ask: "Is it pure?" Nothing which comes out of a tin will be satisfactory...nor will leftovers. Only freshly-cooked fish or chicken will be tolerated, and then only when it is delivered with thoroughly-scrubbed hands. It is essential that the Virgo Cat be served his or her meal in the same place and at the same time every day. He or she will also react in a negative fashion to any sudden change in diet, and harsh smells (such as air fresheners or cleaning chemicals, for example) will often bother and offend the Virgo Cat.

This feline is fanatical about keeping clean and may spend more time preening than any other cat in the Zodiac. There are times when the Virgo Cat tends to drive his or her owner to the point of distraction, but banishment to the garden might ease the situation somewhat. Outside, with nature at paw's reach, this feline will forget all his or her problems and hang-ups. Birdwatching or other type of nature study will quickly relax the Virgo Cat, while giving the owner some breathing space at the same time. However, it would truly be foolish to expect this feline to catch any mice. The Virgo Cat is hopeless when it comes to hunting and would much rather play than kill. Most relationships involving the Virgo Cat are basically shallow. He or she will be too concerned with planning upcoming moves to develop deep feelings, unless the companion in question happens to be a dog...the Virgo Cat adores canines and has even been known to prefer dog food to fish.

A dog governed by Capricorn makes the best companion for this much the same way as a Capricorn human usually proves to be the most sympathetic owner. The Virgo Cat also relates well to those ruled by the Sign of Taurus. If there is no room for a dog in the family, then a Taurus-governed parakeet will provide the Virgo Cat with hours of amusement...leaving he or she with less time to nit-pick at the behavior of an owner. Being intuitively aware of what is needed and more than happy to oblige, the Virgo Cat is a perfect companion for the blind and hearing-impaired. It is not unusual to find this feline perched upon a sunny windowsill, where he or she can keep a careful eye on the little feathered fellows visiting the feeder.

Virgo pets are conscientious, clean, and love to work. Your Virgo cat will always be innocent and naive. They are very trusting and obedient. However, don't be misled into thinking they are easily taken advantage of or coerced into doing something they don't wish to do.

Without you even realizing it they will have you trained into their way. They are so solemn and sedate they appear guileless. This is only a cover for a very determined nature.

They are the vainest of the cats. They will wash and preen for hours, then look for a mirror to be sure they are perfect. They will avoid mud and dirt at all costs, will walk a mile to avoid such messes. They want everything extra clean and neat. They are very finicky - all bedding and dishes must be kept clean and spotless or they will turn up their noses in disdain.

They are a stickler for routine and order. They prefer their food in a set routine. They will set the time clock and you will be expected to abide by their schedule. Once you place their food dishes and bed in a certain place - do not move it. Will be very upset if the dish or bed is moved one inch from its regular spot. If a meal is late, they will sit and stare, making pitiful meows until you get your act together, and do your duty. Once you find what they like to eat do not change.

They are very smart and learn what you desire with very little effort. They get their way with persistence and determination, more than with intellect. Even though they appear calm and cool, they still need your love and assurance to be happy and contented. Be sure you give them lots of love and petting each day - since they are so quiet it is easy to forget they are around and they will not demand attention - which they need to be happy. However, if they don't get enough attention, they will give you a wistful look that says "Did you forget me?".

They are not social cats and will slink into the background when strangers are around. They have a restlessness in their natures. Can't seem to stay in one place for very long. They'll be in a chair - then at the front door - then at the window - actually they seem to pace.