Cat Dance

Cat Dance
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if cats could speak? Or dance? Have you ever wondered what your cats do after the lights go out ? Have you ever given any thought as to how cats entertain themselves once they are very certain that you are fast asleep?

I had the strangest dream last night. It all began with a veil of puffy pistachio clouds drifting across a blue sky. Somewhere in the distance a mezmerizing tune was playing. Within moments, as if by magic, the clouds parted and two of my cats appeared. Katzenberg looked quite dapper in his tuxedo, and Witch-Hazel was in the form of a set of twins attired in those can-can costumes reminiscent of those French Riviera dancers. As I remember it, Katz was trying to teach Witch-Hazel a new dance.

Upon awakening, I quickly realized that all of this was much more than a dream. I couldn't understand why the tune that belonged to the dream was still playing in my head. That is, I couldn't understand it until I passed the foyer and noticed that the tune was actually coming from the radio. And out of the corner of my eye, this is what I saw:

"A little more rhythm.
Don't you have rhythm in your soul, Witch-Hazel?"

"Like this, Katzenberg? Is this any better?"

"That's almost right. Loosen up a bit.
Try moving your head to the music. Like this."

"Get behind me. Watch my head from the back. And
don't step on my tail. Sometimes you can be a bit clumsy"

"Hey, Katzenberg! Mr. Know-It-All! Who are you calling clumsy?
I'll do this dance my way and have just as much fun, thank you!"

Well, now you know the answer. Although my vision was blurred from sleep, which made me see double images, I am sure of what I saw. Cats *can* dance... and maybe one day, when you least expect it, you'll be lucky enough to see *your* cat dance.

So you see that every average kitty is a great dancer!

There's no need to train your cat to waltz as perhaps it's just not his style!

Look at this DJ! This is famous YoCat. When he's grooving all the cats around dance and sing! Perhaps you could even hear one of these concerts one March night ;)...

And this is the best breakdancer! Just watch him move!

It's a leg dance. Kind of hard to repeat...

The black Master of the Dancefloor!

That's rapper KittZy. He's great!

Want your kitty be as famous? - Just let him listen to the music since the early age and if he's talented enough you'll be surprised soon!

Maybe your kitten won't be able to do like this soon...

... but, come on, LET HIM TRY! :)