Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady
Top Ten Signs That You Are A "Crazy Cat Lady":

1. Your colleagues no longer ask how your weekend was. Instead they ask how your cats are doing.

2. People at work have stopped offering you their lint brushes. They realize it's hopeless anyway.

3. When you get your latest roll of film developed, there's not a single human being in the pictures.

4. You have more cats than the local pet store and there are several kitty litter boxes in every room of your apartment.

5. Your personal motto is: "You can never have enough cats."

6. You buy more than 60 pounds of cat litter a month.

7. You'd rather watch hours of boring infomercials than disturb the cat sleeping on the remote.

8. You choose your friends based on how well your cats like them.

9. The only time you leave your apartment is to feed the stray cats in the neighborhood.

10. You introduce your cats by name to the pizza delivery guy.


You know that you've seen her
Peeking out her front door
Oh SOOO many cats
To feed and adore!

In the kitchen, on the porch,
Under feet and everywhere!
Everything that one could see
Was covered in cat hair!

Five, ten or twenty...
Maybe even more!
Oodles of kittens
And hairballs galore!

Pepper and Princess,
Each one has a name
Chosen with care
By this crazy cat dame!

I can't begin to know how
She keeps track of them all;
But I'm sure she must love
Each and every furball!