Mating and Pregnancy

Mating Mating
Once the breeding season begins, the female gives off a message via pheromones that she is ready to mate.
Cat Spaying (females) Cat Spaying (females)
Female cats spayed before their first litter benefit from reduced risk of mammary cancer.
Cat Pregnancy and Preparation For Giving Birth Cat Pregnancy and Preparation For Giving Birth
It is recommended to have your female cat checked by you veterinarian. A pregnant queen should stay as healthy as possible. No medication should be given during feline pregnancy, except in emergency.
Cat Pregnancy Calendar Cat Pregnancy Calendar
The average length of cat pregnancy is 65 days.
Cat Mating Cat Mating
The queen choses the male by presenting herself to him in mating position.
Problems In Mating Behavior Problems In Mating Behavior
Successful stud cats must be physically, socially and sexually mature, so that it is usually best to wait until they are close to one year of age before breeding.
10 Useful Things to Know About Cat Pregnancy 10 Useful Things to Know About Cat Pregnancy
Your cat is pregnant and you need more information? Look down for questions and answers.
Expecting Kittens Expecting Kittens
Pregnancy in cats lasts about nine weeks, but during the first half of that time a typical expectant cat gives few clues that she is pregnant.
Pregnancy Signs In Cats Pregnancy Signs In Cats
A pregnant queen will show both physical and personality changes which will become more evident around three weeks after breeding.

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