Choosing the perfect name for your adopted cat or kitten

Choosing the perfect name for your adopted cat or kitten

Have a new adopted cat? If you don't know what was the original name of your pet, choose one from the following list.

Have a new family member? Don't know what to name your new furball? We can help! You should find a good name for your kitten from the list below.

Thousand of names here, including unique and popular cat names. Lots to choose from, so use your imagination.

Here are categories with cat names that are listed:

Black cat names - Collection of black cat names

White cat names - White cats name guide

Stray kitten names - Adopted and stray cat name ideas

Tuxedo cat names -Black and White / Tuxedo kitten names

Small kitten names - If you have a small kitten

Long hair cat names - If you have a long hair kitten

Mixed breed cat names - Bunch of names for a mixed breed cats

Consider the following important naming tips:

  • Make a short-list of preferred names.

  • Keep it simple, as possible.

  • A couple of syllable names are best.

  • Try to choose a name that is easily recognized.

  • Is the name easy to call out?

  • Base the name on how your pet acts!

  • Names shouldn't sound like standard instructions˙ (eg. Sit, stay ..etc.)

  • Try it out. When you find a name you like, give it a test run for a few day.

  • If it feels natural, keep it! Otherwise, try the next name on your list.

  • If your darling is adopted, try and keep the name your pet already owns.
Black cat names

8ballBananaBlacktopCleopatraGomez Jet BlackOnyxSmokey
AbracadabraBassoonBowtieClub FlushGood Luck Jynx OtheloSnowball!
AbraxasBatBroomhilda ClubsGood Luck Charm KoKo PaganSooty or Soot
Ace BattyBuckwheatCoca-Cola GorillaLicorice Panther Spade Flush
Ace Of Clubs Black BartBurnt Coffee BeanGris-GrisLicorice Drop Pepper Spades
Ace Of SpadesBlack Magic Camcorder Daffy DuckHalloweenLucyfurrPepsiSpook
AddamsBlack OliveCarbonDarth VaderHateMagpiePhantom Tarbaby
AfricaBlack Orchid CharDeath Hatred Midnight PharoahThunder
Ape Black PantherCharcoalDirtyHecateMerlinPitchTricks
AshBlack PumaCharmDuskHocus Pocus Morticia Pitch Black Tuxedo
AshaBlackberry CharredDusky Horseshoe New Moon Polution VCR
Asheby  Blackest Chesspiece EbonIndian InkNightPumaVoodoo
AshelyBlackieChimpEbonyInk SpookyNightflight Raven WebTV
AsherBlackieChimpanzeeEgyptInkaNightmare RootbeerWednesday
Ashes BlackjackChiquitaEclipse Inky Ninja Salem Wicca
AshetonBlackoutCindersEnigmaJava Bean OboeShadow Wiccan  
Asphalt BlacksterClarinetGenie Jet OmenSmoke Witchy

Names for white cats and kittens:

Alpine FoggyIsabella White PurinaSnowbirdSnowshoes Spirit WhitegirlWhite Vader
CasperFlurryMerlinSeymourSnowfallSnowstormWhite arrowWhitegoldWhitened
CloudGandalf Milky Snow White SnowflakeSnowtiger White chocolateWhitepawWhiteness 
CutieGhostPureSnowballSnowshoeSnowy White dwarf Whitetiger Whity

Names for adopted and stray cats:

Able                                                                                          Homebody
Abraham                                                                                    Homie
Achievement                                                                              Hosanna
Alf                                                                                            Huckleberry Finn
Alley                                                                                         Hunter
Annie                                                                                        Indie
Asphalt                                                                                      Inmate
Blue Light Special                                                                         Jonah
Brave                                                                                        Karma
Braveheart                                                                                 Kudzu
Bravery                                                                                     Leftovers
Buccaneer                                                                                 Liberty
Captain Marvel                                                                            Little John
Cause                                                                                       Lone Ranger
Cavalier                                                                                     Loner
Champ                                                                                      Lucky
Chance                                                                                     Marco Polo
Charity                                                                                     Money's Worth
Chase                                                                                      Mork
Clean                                                                                       Moses
Clean-And-Sober                                                                       Mother Jones
Clear                                                                                        Night
Clearance                                                                                 Nomad
Columbus                                                                                 Oliver
Content                                                                                   Orphan
Covenant                                                                                 Orphan Annie
Cowboy                                                                                   Precious
Coyote                                                                                    Promise
Crash                                                                                       Providence
Dandy                                                                                     Ragamuffin
Destiny                                                                                    Ragedy
Don                                                                                       Quixote Rags-To-Riches
Easy                                                                                       Rider Rebel
Enigma                                                                                   Rescue
Eric                                                                                        The Red Riff-Raff
E.T.                                                                                       Robin Hood
Explorer                                                                                  Robinson Cruisoe
Fate                                                                                        Run
Finders                                                                                     Runaway
Finders Keepers                                                                       St. John The Baptist
Found                                                                                    Second Hand
Free                                                                                       Shadow
Freebie                                                                                    Soldier
Freedom                                                                                  Strong
G.I.                                                                                         Survivor
Gracia                                                                                        Tarzan
Greystoke                                                                                  Thanksgiving
Good Karma                                                                               Thank You
Guts                                                                                         Tourist
Gutsy                                                                                        Traveler
Hallelujah                                                                                   Twist Of Fate
Hand-Me-Down                                                                          Ulysseus
Happy                                                                                       Vagabond
Hardy                                                                                        Vagrant
Hero                                                                                         Viking
Heroic                                                                                       Warrior
Hobo                                                                                        Welcome
Home                                                                                       Wild Thing

Names for tuxedo cats, kittens:

A Touch Of Class                                                   Dressed To Kill                                      Mime
Abe                                                                     Dressy                                                 Minnie
Abraham                                                              Duds                                                   Old Hickory
Abraham Lincoln                                                    Duke                                                  Opera
Andrew                                                               Duke Of Earl                                        Oreo
Andrew Jackson                                                    Earl                                                    Oxford
Andy                                                                   Ebony-And-Ivory                                  Pageantry
Aristocat                                                              Fancy                                                 Panda
Ballroom                                                              Fancy Pants                                         Pengui
Banquet                                                              FDR                                                    Poindexter
Best Man                                                             Formal                                                 Pomp-And-Circumstance
Blue-Blood                                                           Foxy                                                    President
Bowtie                                                                Gala                                                     Prince
Cambridge                                                           Genteel                                                Princeton
Chap                                                                   Gentry                                                 Prom
Chaplan                                                               Godfather                                            Prom Date
Charlie Chaplan                                                     Governor                                              Ritzy
Chef                                                                   Grand                                                  Roosevelt
Chess                                                                 Half Moon                                             Salt-And-Pepper
Chess Pieces                                                        Handsome                                            Silent Movie
Chief                                                                  Harvard                                                 Socks
Class                                                                   High Class                                             Sophisticated
Classy                                                                 James Bond                                          Sylvester
Clean                                                                  Jeeves                                                 Tap Dancer
Clean-And-Sober                                                   JFK                                                      To The Nines
Courtly                                                                Kennedy                                               Upper Class
Dandy                                                                 King                                                     Upper Crust
Dinner                                                                La-Di-Da                                                 Wedding
Domino                                                               Lincoln                                                  White Sox
Dominos                                                              MC                                                       Yale
Double                                                                Mickey                                                  Yin-And-Yang

Names for small cats and kittens:

Abbymini Do Minnie
Ace Doll Moderation
Apple Domino Molecule
Asterisk Doodlebug Mustard Seed
Atom Dorito Niblet
Baby Dot Nod
Barbie Doughnut Nugget
Bilbo Baggins Drop Paisley
Biscuit Dunkin Doughnut Parsnip
Bitsy Elfin Particle
Blossom Emerald Peanut
Bon Bon E.T. Pearl
Bo Peep Fingerling Pee Wee
Bubble Fraction Penny
Bullet fraXn Percent
Bumblebee Gem Pickle
Butterbean Gerkin Piccolo
Buttercup Gnat Piece
Button Haiku Piglet
Byte Half Pint Pinky
Candy Hornet Pixie
Cent Imp Popcorn
Chalk Iris Precious
Chesspiece Itsy Raisin
Chiclet Itty Bitty Kitty Rhode Island
Chigger Java Bean Roo
Chili Pepper Jellicle Ruby
Chip Jelly Belly Skiddle
Cricket Jewel Slice
Cruiserweight Junebug Speck
Cub Junior Squeak
Cutey Keypie Straw
Dab Ladybug Sweet Pea
Daffodil Li'l Bit Syllable
Daisy Lightweight Tater Tot
David Little John Tatoo
Dew Drop Lollipop Teacup
Diamond Lump Teaspoon
Digit M & M Temperance
Dime Mickey Ukulele
Diminutive Microbe Wee
Dinky Minette Wink
Puny Minny Wanky
Microbee Smally Smurfy

Names for long-hair cats and kittens:

A domestic longhaired cat is the proper name for any cat with medium or long fur, if it is not a pedigreed member of a recognised breed. They make excellent family pets for people who are prepared to give their coat the extra care it needs. A longhaired cat is not able to maintain its own coat - they must be groomed for at least half an hour per day, and preferably bathed every week or two.

Alf Furball
Alfie Fuzz
Ape Fuzzball
Aslan Fuzzy
Bam-Bam Fuzzybutt
Bangs Goldilocks
Barbie Goose
Beard Gorilla
Beatle Greystoke
Bushy Hair
Cashmere Hairball
Chewbacca Hairpiece
Chewy Harry
Chicken Hippy
Chimp Kerrigan
Chimpanzee Kudzu
Clean Locks
Coon Mop
Coiffures Neanderthal
Cowlick Rapunzel
Doo Ringo
Downy Rug
Drapes Samson
Duck Shag
Extra Shaggy
Fabio Tarzan
Feathers Toupee
Fifth Beatle Tresses
Fluff Vines
Fluffers Weeds
Fluffy Wig
Frizzy XL