Cat Behaviour Quiz

Cat Behaviour Quiz
First you should answer those questions by choosing the correct answer of those listed and only after that you can check up the answers below this page!


1. What does a cat's broadly swishing tail indicate?

  • Happiness/Friendliness (like in dogs)

  • Anger/Annoyance

  • Sadness

  • Nothing
2. What has been described by cat owners as the feline equivalent of a kiss?
  • A slow blink

  • 3 meows in a row

  • A raised paw

  • A tongue lick on the elbow
3. Purring means...
  • happiness/contentment

  • insanity

  • stress/sickness

  • nothing

  • both happiness/contentment and stress/sickness
4. A cat whose tail is straight up in the air is probably happy to see you.
  • True

  • False
5. A cat whose ears are back is usually...

  • tired of hearing your talk

  • very happy

  • interested

  • displeased or annoyed
6. If a cat's tail tip twitches a little bit, this usually means...
  • curiosity or excitement

  • a need for the litterbox

  • somebody just stepped on the cat's tail

  • the tail is having a seizure
7. If a cat lies back and allows you to pet their stomach and underside, this usually means:
  • you will get good luck

  • the cat is pregnant

  • the cat trusts you

  • the cat's stomach hurts
8. If a cat licks you, it is possibly...
  • to show care and affection

  • because you smell like tunafish

  • because you really need a bath

  • because cat thinks you are a kitten
9. If you are petting a cat with half-closed eyes, what might that mean?
  • The cat is relaxed

  • The cat is content

  • The cat is sleepy

  • The cat needs glasses

  • All except 'needs glasses'
10. When a cat rubs against a person, what could it mean?
  • They are trying to attract attention

  • They are marking the person as part of their territory

  • They are hungry

  • All of the above

  • None of the above

  1. Unlike a dog, a wagging tail does not mean they are happy to see you! You can tell a lot by a cat tail, and when it's moving a wag, that generally means something or someone is being annoying.
    The more frustrated a cat gets with the situation, the forcefully the tail will move - if your cat's tail starts thrashing, it might soon be accompanied by a growl and you had better watch out!
  2. If a cat is in a relaxed mood and it gives you a blink - by slowly closing the eyes and then opening them, then you have been kitty kissed!
    According to many cat owners, this is the equivalent of a friendly cat greeting, smile, nod or kiss!
  3. In general purring has been associated as an expression of pleasure, starting as communication with their young. If a cat is curled up on your lap purring, usually that means contentment!
    Something puzzling is that cats also purr when stressed or recovering from injury. Scientists have found that this may be because purring seems to actually improve their healing process! Studies show an improvement in the healing of bone and muscle during purring. Self-healing purrs.
  4. Usually a cat with a raised tail with a slightly bent tip accompanied by ears up high is happy to see you and might approach you in a friendly greeting.
  5. Ears are a huge indicator of a cat's mood. In general, when a cat's ears are back, they are not happy. Flattened ears means they feel threatened and may attack.
    Ears that are slightly back may mean a variety of emotions, including confusion, shame, or annoyance.
  6. While a lashing cat tail usually implies anger, a little bit of twitching does not necessary mean that. It could be the cat is unsure of something, combined with a little excitement or curiosity.
    If you see a cat crouched on the ground staring at something with a little slow twitching of the tail tip - chances are: something looks interesting!
  7. A cat's underside - the chest and belly are vulnerable areas they want to protect, and in defense a cat may lay back in order to defend better with all four paws.
    Many cats will attack you hand if you attempt to pet their exposed belly... however if they allow you to, that conveys happiness, comfort and that they trust you to be gentle and kind with a vulnerable part of themselves.
  8. Cats lick each other to groom each other as well as bond with other cats they know very well. Cats also lick their owners for similar reasons - to ‘groom' them, and show care and affection.
    Many cat owners like this, but not for too long - cat tongues are very rough, like sandpaper! The little jagged bumps help catch loose hair, skin or fleas (if they have any!)
  9. Generally if a cat is on your lap with half-closed eyes, that means the cat is feeling relaxed and content and maybe a little sleepy too - but overall, it means that most probably cat likes the way you are petting and feels very relaxed!
  10. A cat will often rub along an arm or leg of a person. This could have many meanings... it could be a way to attract them for pets or food or attention.
    It could also be that they are ‘marking' the person. Cats have scent glands around the mouth that they will subtly use to mark the person as their territory.